The 10 things you wished you knew before turning into an artist and making music

Updated: Jan 21

1. Just play and write and write and play.

2. Then record, and mix, and master!

3. You can do this all with a phone, it is sic - but do your research.

4. A good web site helps as well.

5. Remember you get what you pay for and sometimes not even then.

6. Don't do what anyone tells you to do unless they love you (or at least like you) and also make music.

7. When you buy an amazing instrument that speaks to your soul and plays like butter, don't take it for granted, and don't ever sell it.

8. Whether you realize it or not; it is one of a kind, and irreplaceable (kinda like your soul).

9. If you do sell it you will never find another that sings in just that way. It will be like the vision/sound of a lost love burning in your minds eye that you are always yearning for but but will never find another quite like it.

10. And if it is not then don't bother - hang it up now and become an accountant or take up hang gliding.



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