Life on the road: secrets of a musician on tour to NAMM 2020

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

So Poison Gurls, it is that time of year again. The time when we get the NAMM email and prep our psyche, and mind, and ears, for the cacophony of amplified drones, the compounding decibels from morning to night of gear ravening (dream)savages. To prepare, DREAMSAVAGE has been working steadily and stealthily in the studio on the first demo tracks for this site. Look for the "Withering Ruin" album release soon.

When you show up to NAMM 2020, remember to get your cool on. One must represent when looking for gigs/gear/girls/guys/ to play and stay with. Remember to break a few hearts, steal a few licks, and take a few tips. Chew thru the vocal lines and keep the bass lines melodic, and don't be that noodling guitar solo dude (or dudette). See you all there, and you know who you are! E-S-R-V!

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