Behind the recording studio walls

Updated: Jan 21

All we think about are loads and loads of grinding sound, to capture, to mix, to master! Epic vistas wrapped up in a jar of existential acrimony. It can be tough for an artist, to compose, play, record, perform. I wish I had a llama for every time some disgruntled neighbor beat on a paper thin wall while overly encumbered by the bile of jealous hate and not getting any. Why do the overpriced apartments always have the paper walls? Bricks baby, that's where it's at. But it is no longer 1991, so these days you can just get a cool field recorder or smart phone and have at. That, and a cheap banjo, and you are good to go!

So DREAMSAVAGE and the What's The Use? studios crew are headed to NAMM 2020. Yeah we registered last year. But come to find out that it was to no avail. One must register, again, apparently. So that is as good a reason as any to present this site to the music listening, composing, creating hordes. This then is the public unveiling of the DREAMSAVAGE project, recording label & band, as well as the first What's The Use? studios production of the same. It's all yer'in sweet pea,

So see you at NAMM and we shall dive through the feast of gear, and noise, and the engineering of dreams, savage dreams (of course). For here in the 21st century if one must dream, then DREAMSAVAGE, or don't dream at all! Peace - RAVEN.

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