DREAMSAVAGE is a singular , artists driven , World  Rock  Project & Record Label.

The passion project of RAVEN:  composer,  singer--songwriter and multi instrumentalist. extraordinaire

Recording and producing with the"What's The Use" Productions Studio

DREAMSAVAGE takes are captured moments in time, both vital and direct 

Compelling sonic landscaoes that are evocatively cinematic.

Based in Los Angeles, CA    DREAMSAVAGE   has a storied history of

Lve underground performances,

Musical quirks,

Pounding the floor until dawn, with  fellow DreamSavages

Igniting  love , inspiration , and adoration in creatives everywhere and jealous hatred  in fools,

Fueled by "seat of the pants" recording sessions.

Delivering Rock & Ruin To A Feast Of Friends.

DREAMSAVAGE is breaking  through sonic boundaries with unique sounds , harmonies, melodies, and kinetic poly-rhythms above a stomping gut bucket  back beat.

Explore the site and learn more about the artists and producers inside the music.

Special Thanks to Joe Golden -> of Earth Quaker Devices ->

He designed, built , and signed, the Custom Purple Elephant  Tolex  (the purple elephant tolex make the amps sound better ) Sound Projector 25

Amps and Cabinets heard on this album->

and  delightfully used by DREAMSAVAGE 

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