DREAMSAVAGE  - The Savage Pursuit of Dreams.  The DreamSavage Project is a series of portraits and insights into and about passionate artists, musicians, engineers, free thinkers, and visionaries who are pursuing and living their dreams.


Two simple questions: What is your dream? And how do you pursue it Savagely?  DREAMSAVAGE is a point of view, another reason to believe.  The passion project of Raven Michael Savage, a multi instrumentalist, producer, singer-song writer and concept artist, who believes that every person should embrace their dream(s) and fulfill them Savagely, with passion, love, tenacity, intensity, and ferocity.

This is about all of us chasing and achieving our dreams, as a gift to ourselves, and every person we meet.

  DREAMSAVAGE is also a musical journey with this vision as inspiration, a Rock and Roll Miasma.  Hard driven world rock music that inspires a contagious power., a compelling dedication, with an independent life of its own.  Songs that are wrung from passion and freedom.  With just a inkling of irony, a fighting fistful of angst, wryly creating the rowdy raucous romance of a thousand, million lives pushing thru the edges and challenges into each new moment and each evolving experience to manifest and live each and every dream.

WELCOME to the DreamSavage Project!

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